Cohen moments on a rainy Sunday

leonard-2_cohenLeonard Cohen died on November 7th 2016. He died a young man. All of which gives reason to celebrate, for how many people his age die young? I was looking for something entirely different on YouTube the other day, when this video showed by itself — Save the last dance for me. In some ways not a great performance – in other ways absolutely fabulous. Cohen being Cohen, there´s no such thing as a rainy Sunday morning.

So I thought I´d begin a web page: Cohen moments.

Not by coincidence, I would add;  there is for sure such a thing as a “Kodak moment”–  the moment that sort of flashes up on the back insides of your eye, sounds bursting. Why that happens and what it takes – beats me. Just watch how Cohen plays with his listeners here, and you might have one.

So here´s the link to that web page – it´s not much, but a start. Have a better day than you would have without it. And here is the first video on that page:




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