11. annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. 1-3 July, in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Extended deadline, April 4th 2019. EduLearn is a good conference to know.

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Første på norsk

Dette er min første bloggpost på norsk etter overhaling av denne sida. Tanken er et forsøk på å også være tilstede på mitt eget morsmål. Det blir fort så

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About Artificial Intelligence

A readworthy article from Washington Post, by Bill LaPlante and Katharyn White: “Artificial intelligence is the future. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Appleare all making big bets on AI. (Amazon

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Blockchain in education

Blockchain technology has been all over the news in recent months, mostly focused on Bitcoin and the many debates concerning “cryptocurrency”. In months to come we are likely to

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Digital populism

Resending this entire post from Open Society Foundations, because it is worth resending. Click the links to go on. The original was posted in 2011. It´s been a while.

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The fall of great men

Around the world, an agenda-setting attention is focused on the abuse of power by men in position to treat women unfairly: Code word is sexual harassment. One of the

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Facebookers, unite!

Weeksworthy, November 25th 2017 The Atlantic Monthly — on a Saturday, not much competes with a newspaper on paper, but given how expensive it is to have The New

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Uncharted homeland territory

Disrupted: The politics of belonging David Brooks, in the New York Times this morning – October 31st, 2018: “What you see is good people desperately trying to connect in

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